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Personal positioning 6 steps, how to achieve good positioning without success


Cui Youyou

If we want to do a project or locate a good project, how should we position it? Doing positioning is to do system thinking, and every step must be thought and designed. It is not easy to do a good job. We often start looking for answers directly because we have not figured out the problem. The correct approach should be to rush to the conclusion of the problem, but to think about the problems encountered in a step-by-step manner, or your own situation.

1 If you are already positioned, what is your position?

To do positioning, the design process is reverse thinking, not to position itself, but to start research and implementation from the potential customer mind. You should ask what you have in the minds of potential customers and what kind of recognition you are in. Trying to change to the customer's mind is very difficult, and it is easier to use the customer's existing mind.

Do positioning, don't be self-centered, don't egoism, don't ask what you already have, the answer to this question should be obtained from the market, and the answer is to look for customers. If you start a business or open a store, the first thing to do is to figure out the mentality of your target consumer group. At the moment, you will clearly understand what you are facing. This is also why there are questionnaires on the market or online. To determine the status of a product or company brand in the mind of the customer. Targetedly solve these problems.

Today's large number of products are not positioned, and they do not see the situation in the minds of customers. Either the position in the customer's mind is weak. What we can do is to immerse our products, convictions or concepts into the minds of our customers and to associate them with awareness. This is a good way to get into the minds of customers.

2 What kind of positioning do you want to own?






Successful positioning, sometimes requiring funds to complete, is to consolidate and improve the minds of customers who have already sneaked in and possessed, and also need money to maintain. In other words, it takes money to establish a position, and it takes money to keep it. If your money is limited, you can be strong in one city, not in multiple cities at the same time. This is like a place to do well, and then do the next place. And can be promoted to other places at the same time. In the face of the noise in the market, when you want to get out of it, it is not a complete disk but a narrower geographical scope. In a city, a market, a lot, constantly introducing new products or new concepts. Don't spread it all over the country.

5 Can your position persist?

In the commercialized society, the new concept of over-transfer replaces the old concept. To cope with change, we must have a long-term perspective. That is, you have to define your basic positioning and then stick to it. Because the positioning is designed, it is rarely changed. What can be changed is tactics, not positioning. After selling products to do a basic positioning, we will continue to enhance our strategic thinking to cope with market changes. In addition, specific companies will re-position in a few cases, and some companies will ensure that the basic positioning is stable, and positioning upgrades, such as using new methods to better display positioning. Give people a feeling of not boring.

6 Show your own positioning

Under normal circumstances, creative people do not accept positioning thinking, which will hamper their creativity. In fact, it is true. But the tragedy of creative communication is that a company or company will design a well-planned strategic plan and hand it over to the creative person. The creative person used his own creative method skills in his execution and could not identify the original strategic intent again. That is to say, playing or embedding a strategy directly in an advertisement is actually better than spending money to make a creative company perform.

There is no value in the idea itself. It’s only effective when the positioning is dramatic in the creative


What is the difference between the perspective of external and internal people looking at the problem



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